Our food donors

Thank you to all the businesses on the island of Montreal who donate their unsold items to Partage & Solidarité!

Some businesses give their unsold items to Partage & Solidarité every day. We would like to express our gratitude for their generosity, with a special thanks to the following stores, which have been making this daily eco-responsible effort for several months or, for some, several years:

  • Épicerie Métro Beaulieu Laurier
  • Épicerie Métro Beaulieu Mont Royal
  • Épicerie Métro Beaulieu Jean Talon
  • Boulangerie Guillaume
  • Boulangerie Ô Petit Paris

Some businesses contribute by giving their unsold items to Partage & Solidarité once or twice a week. Thank you from the bottom of our heart to all our participating stores, especially the following businesses/companies who have been making an eco-responsible effort for several months or even years:

  • Pharmaprix, several branches generously support us
  • Bio Terre – Épicerie santé
  • Arte & Farina
  • Rachelle Béry, several branches generously support us
  • Épicerie PA Nature
  • Supermarché PA
  • Avril Supermarché Santé
  • Fruiterie du Plateau
  • Fruiterie du Plateau, succursale Laurier
  • Boucherie Épicerie Soarès et Fils
  • Produits alimentaires – Mondial
  • Carmen & Felipe
  • Marché Laurier
  • Boulangerie Le Tolédo
  • Capitaine Sandwich
  • Fromagerie Atwater Centre-Sud
  • Par Cemé
  • Fraîchement Bon

Some businesses or companies donate their surplus food and items to Partage & Solidarité occasionally. We would like to thank them warmly, especially the following businesses and companies that have been making this regular eco-responsible effort for several months/years:

  • Gusta Foods
  • Maturin, comme à la ferme
  • Les aliments Mi Corazon
  • Dubord & Rainville Inc
  • Intermarché Universel
  • Marché 3 Piliers

Other businesses, companies, restaurants, schools, also contact Partage & Solidarité to make a one-time donation. We gratefully thank all of our food donors, even if their names do not appear on this list.